Full CV available here


PhD. Sociology, University of Minnesota, 2020 (expected)
  Dissertation: "Modern but Not Meaningless: Nonreligious Cultures and Communities in the United States."

M.S. Sociology, Portland State University, 2012
  Thesis: "Atheist Scripts in a Nation of Religiosity: Identity Politics within the Atheist Movement." 

B.A. Sociology and Journalism, University of Wyoming, 2009

Areas of Interest

cultural sociology; religion and nonreligion; urban and community studies; civic engagement; gender

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Jacqui Frost and Penny Edgell. 2018. "Rescuing Nones from the Reference Category: Civic Engagement Among the Non-religious in America." Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 47(2): 417-438. 

Penny Edgell, Jacqui Frost, and Evan Stewart. 2017. "From Existential to Social Understandings of Risk: Examining Gender Differences in Non-religion." Social Currents 4(6): 556–574. 

Jacqui Frost and Penny Edgell. 2017. "Distinctiveness Reconsidered: Religiosity, Structural Location, and Understandings of Racial Inequality." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56(2): 277-301.

Book Chapters

Jacqui Frost. 2017. "Rejecting Rejection Identities: Negotiating Positive Non-religiosity at the Sunday Assembly." Pp. 171-190 in Organized Secularism in the United States, edited by Ryan Cragun, Lori Fazzino, and Christel Manning. De Gruyter.

Jacqui Frost. "Religion for Atheists? Transhumanism, Mindfulness, and Atheist Churches." Forthcoming in The Cambridge History of Atheism, edited by Stephen Bullivant and Michael Ruse. Cambridge University Press. 

Reviews, Comments, and Essays

Jacqui Frost. “How Our Paradigms Limit Our Measures.” Response to "Is Secularism as World Religion?" by Donovan Schaefer. Forthcoming in special feature for Implicit Religion

Jacqui Frost. 2016. Review of American Secularism: Cultural Contours of Nonreligious Belief Systems, by Joseph O. Baker and Buster Smith. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55(1): 195-196.

Jacqui Frost. 2015. "Measuring Secularity." Response to "Understanding the Secular," with Phil Zuckerman and John R. Shook. The Religious Studies Project. 

Jacqui Frost. 2013-2017. Published 51 short review essays for The Society Pages covering topics like the historical role of women in social movements, the social determinants of volunteerism, the predictable paradox of atheist churches, and the reappropriation of stigmatized labels. Full list and links available on Projects page

Working Papers

Jacqui Frost. "The Meaning of Uncertainty: Navigating States of Certainty and Uncertainty in Nonreligious Narratives." Under review, manuscript available.

Penny Edgell and Jacqui Frost. "Reasoning with Care: Pushing Back Against Rationalized Systems with a Moral Logic of Care." Under review, manuscript available.

Jacqui Frost. "Conceptions of Community Among the Nonreligious." In development.

Jacqui Frost. "Cultivating Secular Transcendence: Nonreligious Rituals and Scientific Spiritualities." In development. 

Fellowships and Awards

2018.    Engaged Scholarship Award, University of Minnesota. For work on The Society Pages.
2018.    Anna Welsch Bright Research Award, University of Minnesota. 
2016.    Student Travel Award, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion. 
2015.    Summer Research Fellowship, American Mosaic Project.
2014.    Ron Anderson Technology and Social Cohesion Award. Group award for The Society Pages graduate board.
2014.    Edelstein Fellowship, American Mosaic Project.
2013.    Sociology Department Fellowship, University of Minnesota.


Deputy Editor, Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network Blog, 2018 - present
      Assistant Editor, 2017 - 2018 

Managing Editor, The Society Pages, 2016 - 2017
     Graduate Editor, 2014 - 2016

Guest Editor, Secularism & Nonreligion, Volume 6, 2017. Special Issue Topic: Intersectionality and Power, with co-editors Evan Stewart and Penny Edgell.

Graduate Editor, Assigned: Life with Gender. 2016. Edited by Lisa Wade, Doug Hartmann, and Chris Uggen. 

Research Presentations

2018. "Obligation, Reciprocity, and Trust: Conceptions of Community Among the Nonreligious." Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual Conference: Las Vegas, NV. 

2018. "'My Spirituality is Grounded in Science': Cultivating a 'Scientific Spirituality' Among the Nonreligious." Association for the Sociology of Religion Annual Conference: Philadelphia, PA. 

2018. “The Limits of Rationality: Pushing Back Against Rationalized Systems with a Moral Logic of Care,” with Penny Edgell. Midwest Sociological Society Annual Conference: Minneapolis, MN.

2016. "'I Want to Be an Atheist at Some Point': Quest as an Orientation to Non-religiosity." Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual Conference: Atlanta, GA.

2016. "From Existential to Social Understandings of Risk: Examining Gender Differences in Non-religion," with Penny Edgell and Evan Stewart. Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual Conference: Atlanta, GA.

2016. "Non-religion as Quest: The Collective Search for Positive Non-religious Identities at the Sunday Assembly." Midwest Sociological Association Annual Conference: Chicago, IL.

2015. "Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Organizing Atheist Church in Minneapolis/St. Paul." American Sociological Association Annual Conference: Chicago, IL. 

2014. "Atheist Churches: All of the Community with 'None' of the Theology." Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network, 3rd International Conference: Claremont, CA.

2014. “Is Community a Priority for the Non-religious?: Attitudes Toward Civic Engagement Among the ‘Nones’.” Society for the Scientific Study of Religion Annual Conference: Indianapolis, IN.

2014. "Religiosity and Structural Location: Heterogeneous Effects on Understandings of African American Inequality." Sociology Department Workshop Series, University of Minnesota.

2012. "Coming out and Keeping Quiet: Identity Deployment Among Portland Atheists." Pacific Sociological Association Annual Conference: San Diego, CA. 

Invited Talks and Panels

2018. Panelist. “Are the Nones Done with Civic Engagement?” Sabo Center for Democracy and Citizenship Annual Symposium. Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN.

2016. Critic-Participant on Author-meets-Critic panel for Recognizing the Nonreligious: Reimagining the Secular, by Lois Lee. Association for the Sociology of Religion Annual Conference: Seattle, WA.

Research Skills and Experience  

Research Assistant, Nonverts: A Survey of America's Ex-Religious Landscape, Aug. - Dec. 2017
  Principle Investigator: Stephen Bullivant, PhD
     Conducted and transcribed interviews for book project

Research Assistant, Talking About Social Controversies Project, University of Minnesota, Jan. - August 2017
  PIs: Penny Edgell, PhD, Kathy Hull, PhD
    Collection and analysis of focus group data; study design and implementation

Research Assistant, American Mosaic Project, University of Minnesota, May 2015 - Jan. 2017
  PIs: Penny Edgell, PhD, Joe Gerteis, PhD, Doug Hartmann, PhD
   Survey data management and analysis; literature reviews; manuscript editing

Program Evaluator, Healthy Families Initiative, St. Stephens Human Services, Minneapolis, MN, Jan. - July 2015
  PIs: Arturo Baiocchi, PhD, Alain Vandormael, PhD
   Conducted ethnographic observations of support groups; interviewed staff members

Research Assistant, Flexible Work and Well-Being Study, University of Minnesota, May - Aug. 2014
  PIs: Phyllis Moen, PhD, Erin Kelly, PhD
   Conducted qualitative coding using ATLAS; helped draft report to respondents

Research Assistant, Mothers and Families Project: The Impact of Child Reunification on Recidivism for Female Offenders, Portland State University, Sept. 2010 - Aug. 2014
  PIs: Melissa Thompson, PhD, Summer Newell, PhD
   Transcription and qualitative coding and analysis

Research Assistant, Gender Differences in Drug Use and Crime: Patterns of Continuity and Change, Portland State University, Sept. 2011 - June 2012
  PIs: Melissa Thompson, PhD, Chris Uggen, PhD
   Constructed a large quantitative data set using census data

Teaching Areas and Experience

 Teaching Areas
   Core Courses in Sociology:  Introduction to Sociology, Research Methods, Social Theory
   Electives:  Religion and Nonreligion, Gender and Sexualities, Cultural Sociology, Urban and Community Sociology

       University of Minnesota
- SOC 3451W: Cities and Social Change (Spring 2019)
              - SOC 1001: Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2018)
              - SOC 1001 (Online): Introduction to Sociology (Summer 2017)
       Metropolitan State University
              - GNDR 201: Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies (Spring 2018, Spring 2019)

  Graduate Teaching Assistantships:
        University of Minnesota
              - Atheists and Others in the U.S. (Fall 2016)
              - Introduction to Sociology - Discussion section leader (Spring 2014)
              - Love, Sex, and Marriage (Fall 2013)
        Portland State University
              - Sociology of Mental Illness (Spring 2012, Spring 2011)
              - Sociology of the Family - Online hybrid course (Spring 2012)
              - Education and Equality: Comparing the U.S. and Japan (Fall 2011)
              - Introduction to Sociology (Fall 2011)
              - Minorities (Fall 2011)
              - Criminology (Winter 2011)
              - Sociology of Deviance - Online hybrid course (Fall 2010)
  One-to-One Experience
         Center for Writing, University of Minnesota, Sept. 2018 - present
             Student writing consultant for undergraduate and graduate writers
         McNamara Academic Center, University of Minnesota, June 2015 - Dec. 2016
             Student-athlete tutor for sociology, statistics, and writing
         WyzAnt Tutoring, 2012-2016
             Private tutor for high school/college study skills, paper writing, ACT/SAT/GRE test prep

Professional Affiliations

American Sociological Association
    -Sociology of Culture Section
    -Sociology of Religion Section
    -Theory Section
    -Altruism, Morality, and Social Solidarity Section
Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network
Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
Association for the Sociology of Religion
Midwest Sociological Society